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Landscaping in Grande Prairie

Q: What is the price for the curbing
A: It depends on what We are doing. Pricing we greatly range due to curb style color, stamps and any other service we do. Call us for a free estimate and we will gladly show you all what we can do and offer

Q: How long are those pieces and where do I buy them?
A: "THEY" are not pieces or sections. This is one continuously poured, colored, textured and stamped concrete landscape edge. There is galvanized steel cable that is continuously running through the middle of the curb. Please refer to the process page.

Q: How deep do you dig and how deep is the footing?
A: We dig about 2 inches deep. This can be done without disturbing your existing planters. There is no footer as the curb is concrete and is its own footing. We level all high/low areas as needed

Q: What about frost and ground movement?
A: The benefit of our concrete curbing is that it is a continuous piece of concrete. Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time and in the winter. Our curb is Reinforced with cable and fiber mesh which add strength and long lasting durability. We place control/expansion joints every 3 feet and these are cut about 30% into the curb. This is designed to control the cracking of the curb during shifting periods and colder months. If the curb should crack, it should crack in the expansion joint and not be noticeable.

Q: Is the color painted or stained on the curb?
A: All of the colors are iron oxide pigments that are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. The color will not flake off or disappear over time, but a proper UV sealer is recommended to discourage any fading from the sun.

Q: What kind of base is placed under the curb?
A: We make sure the base under the curb is compacted, tamped and level.

Q: Will the curbing crack?
A: We experience very little cracking however concrete will crack. We take every precaution to limit the cracking and try to control it with expansion joints. If a crack occurs outside of the joint, we will be happy to repair your curbing.

Landscaping in Grande Prairie
Landscaping in Grande Prairie

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