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Landscaping in Grande Prairie
Shapes & Styles

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Choosing the right style for your home is the first steP. The 6x4 Angle allows you to add our stamping process to the finish, the 6x4 or 6x6 Decorative Mower Style allows you the no trimming option around your yard and the 6x4 OR 6x6 Sqaure Curb is the perfect accent around any pool or children's play area. We also offer many large commercial curbs to finish off driveway, paths and many different parking lot applications.

Stamped Curbing

Stamping the landscaping curb adds a beautiful coloured, textured finish. With our stamping system we are able to simulate many different types of stones and bricks as well as many patterns and finishes. Our process includes a large selection of colours which will provide the proper accent or colour match to any home. When our curb is complete all of our curbs are sealed with a high solid clear sealer which will provide long lasting durability and UV protection from the sun.

Aussie Cobble

Running Brick

Single Brick

Tumble Brick

Aussie Slate

Basket Weave

Double Brick

Ivy Color


Random Rock

Canyon Slate

Landscaping in Grande Prairie
Landscaping in Grande Prairie

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Landscaping in Grande Prairie - Shapes & Styles